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When it comes to yoga, most people think that its only for «cosmic» persons. Most often, we imagine yogis as sages practicing a special philosophy reveling the true essence of being. However, yoga is not only a system of beliefs but also a set of exercises that contribute to health improvement.

Benefits of Yoga for Men

The benefits of yoga for the male body is an incredible strength that is developed in different. Here are some benefits of yoga for the man’s body:

• Development of all muscle groups, endurance training.
• Improvement the body elasticity which is especially important when you do other sports. Performing asanas is the best way to stretch after exhausting workouts.
Yoga is also good to relieve tension in the pelvis, improve blood circulation and to create an additional burst of energy.

Yoga and men’s health are interconnected: yoga adepts tell that it helps them to be more concentrated, strengthen the character, overcome complexes and shortcomings.

Yoga Riviera Maya

Benefits of Yoga for Women

Although initially it was considered exclusively male practice, over time it has become popular among women. The benefits of yoga for women are invaluable:

  • It helps in the battle of the bugle.
  • It improves flexibility, strengthening of muscles, including-intimate muscles, which makes it easier to endure pain during the menstrual cycle.
  •  Also, it prepares the body for childbirth and promotes postnatal recovery.
  • You get external and internal harmony.

Yoga Riviera Maya

Any Contradictions?

The benefits of yoga for both sexes is undeniable, however, there are opinions that it can cause irreparable harm. Most often, people who have the following contraindications fall into the risk group:

  • Acute diseases of internal organs
  • Heart disorders
  • Severe blood diseases
  • Cancer diseases
  • High pressure
  • Hernias, injuries, and dislocations
  • Cold and flu
  • Mental disorders

Yoga is not recommended in the postoperative period (at least for 3 months after surgery), as well as in the first six months after a heart attack or stroke.

Time to Practice!

The rest of the benefits of yoga for health are about the inner state. Some adepts tell that they have become stress resistant and more concentrated in their goals. Learning the mysteries of ancient practice, a person is able to open a new world filled with joy and fresh colors. Each of us is able to improve – spiritually and physically. We also recommend practicing meditation in order to improve a healthier state of body, mind, and spirit.

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