Yoga Palapa within Luum Zama
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At the southern end of the Riviera Maya is the bohemian town of Tulum. Its Mayan ruins, emerald green jungles, and turquoise coastline seem to emanate a magical force that has long been a draw to zen-seekers from around the globe. It is a perfect place to incorporate yoga into one’s everyday life. Indeed, living in Tulum has become synonymous with yoga and meditation; both for those on retreat as well as those fortunate enough to call it home.

Yoga Palapa Tulum

Yoga and Meditation – Tulum’s Lifestyle

Among the trees of Tulum’s verdant landscape is the oasis of Lúum Zama, a community of homes built with sustainability and zen in mind(fulness). While the natural elegance of the homes gently speaks for itself, the yoga palapa is the property’s silent symphony.

A towering homage to the catenary arches of Félix Candela, the Lúum Temple is as purposeful as it is artistic. Composed of five arched vaults each supporting each other, Co-Lab Design Office architects say the structure serves “as a reminder to the community of our interdependence and the accomplishments we can achieve when we work together.”

Yoga Tulum Luum Zama

Accessible only by foot, the palapa is nested in the native jungles within the larger Aldea Zama gated community. With five sections spread around a 2690-square foot circular concrete foundation, there is ample space to sit, move, and breathe in private meditation. Nature’s hum and buzz provide the perfect background soundtrack. A layer of local “zacate” brings a breath of fresh air and shields the inside from rain, a welcome respite in the humid climate of the lush tropical surrounds.

Yoga Palapa – A Sustainably-grown Bamboo Structure

To create the curved catenary arches, the yoga palapa was assembled of sustainably-grown bamboo. As a living demonstration of strength, flexibility, collaboration, and environmental stewardship, the woven materials serve as a point of meditative reflection and inspiration – art reflecting life, life reflecting art. The very structure of the Yoga Palapa bows as if to say, Namaste.

Yoga Palapa Luum Zama

If you want to invest in Lúum Zama, Tulum, you and your guests will enjoy this magnificent yoga palapa; the perfect place to practice yoga, meditate, or simply admire a work of art. If you want to learn more about this community, please let us know. Our team of professional agents will be happy to help you.