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Built in the Mayan jungles around the only temple on the sea, Tulum has become one of the favorite destinations for the chic, environmentally conscious, health-conscious travelers. It is now a favorite destination for yoga gurus, world-class chefs, and anyone looking for a small piece of solitude. Sometimes we forget that Tulum is also home to a fantastic ecosystem, including:

  • Miles of powdery white-sand beaches, considered by many to be among the most beautiful in the world.
  • One of the largest coral barrier reefs in the world.
  • A spectacular and diverse jungle habitat for vast flora and fauna which protects endangered species like jaguars and sea turtles.
  • The most extensive system of underground rivers, known as cenotes. There is no place on Earth with such an extensive system of underground rivers.

Tulum Pledge_Tulum archaeological site

Those who are familiar with Tulum have experienced its mystical and creative energy. In the last few years, the area has grown at an exponential pace, and the environment has suffered greatly.

As Tulum continues to expand, we are faced with problems afflicting the very land that has given Tulum life. While positive impacts of such growth exist, we must continue to address what is no longer serving us in order to create harmony within our natural world.

Tulum Pledge

Tulum Pledge is a commitment to protecting and preserving one of our planets most stunning and vulnerable destinations so that future generations of residents and visitors can continue to experience the mystical splendor of Tulum.

Many businesses, hotels, beach clubs, and communities have signed the pledge and agreed to this environmental pledge. We are proud to present Lúum Zama as a community that proudly abides by this commitment. Lúum Zama is a new gated community located inside Aldea Zamá. This beautiful residential preserves 60% of nature.

Lúum Zama offers its residents a healthy lifestyle and amenities that promote wellness such as a yoga palapa, open-air gym, swimming pool, spa, and more. We now introduce you three very exclusive developments inside Lúum Zama:

Puerta Azul

Puerta Azul is a development by Artigas Arquitectos, a renowned Mexican architectural firm with over 75 of experience. Bringing emotions and sensations to life is the main inspiration of their architecture mindset. The firm considers architecture as an art that establishes harmony between the construction and the surrounds space. 

Tulum Pledge_Puerta Azul

Puerta Azul offers 2- and 3-bedroom condos with beautiful private terraces and swimming pools. Each unit has amazing views of the lush vegetation.

Also, Puerta Azul Tulum perfectly combines with the beach town and its pleasant atmosphere.

Puerta Azul is committed to the Tulum Pledge.


Templia is a brand-new development within the community of Lúum Zama, inspired by the unique essence of the Mayan culture in Tulum. It has been designed to represent this ancient and mystic civilization in today’s society.

The Mayan temples inspired Templia’s astonishing architecture, and the way this civilization perfectly built their homes. This development is composed of 5 towers with two condos each, and 1 or 2 bedrooms depending on the model.

The architects behind this awe-inspiring development added magnificent Mayan elements and details unique to this culture; therefore, once the user steps into this temple, they will feel as they are entering into a new dimension.

Templia Condos for Sale in Tulum_Tulum pledge

Templia is committed to the Tulum Pledge.

Essentia by Artia

Essentia by Artia is an artistic and delightful development backed by Grupo R4. Essentia’s main inspiration is to maintain and preserve nature. Therefore, the architects behind this development felt the need to provide a harmonious living space in Tulum, which comprehends life in constant touch with the beach, the ocean, and nature.

Essentia meets all the requirements of a community that aims to send an ecological message. Furthermore, this development fosters creativity, magic, and nature. As a result, these three elements summed up gave life to one purpose: jungle living in Tulum.

Tulum Pledge_Essentia by Artia condos for sale in Tulum

Essentia by Artia is the newest development by the Artia family, a project that replicates Artia’s astonishing original design, keeping its unique essence intact. Most noteworthy, Essentia and Artia are sustainable developments that have a remarkable impact on today’s architecture. These communities are the perfect response to Tulum’s high-demand market.

Essentia is committed to the Tulum Pledge.

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