Tulum Insiders Guide
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It’s not a secret that Tulum is one of the top exotic travel destinations. It is famous for its Mayan heritage, the beaches, and its bohemian and tranquil lifestyle. Its excellent location offers exciting activities. Here is a short insider’s guide; we are about to Tulum you!

Location – A Caribbean Jewel in the Heart of the Jungle

Tulum is located in close vicinity to other resorts and historical spots of the Yucatan Peninsula. In 1 hour you can get to Playa del Carmen in the north, the Coba Ruins in the west, and in a 3-hour ride you get to Bacalar; the mesmerizing seven-color lagoon.

Tulum is divided into to hot spots: downtown Tulum and the hotel zone. You can find accommodation in both areas. Most of the hostels and budget-friendly hotels are situated in downtown. The luxury hotels such as Azulik, Nômade, Om, and Papaya Playa are in the hotel zone. However, nowadays it’s a good idea to rent a beautiful home and enjoy your privacy and comfort.

Transport – How to Come and Go

To get to Tulum from Cancun airport you can take a taxi that will cost around $500 pesos. Nonetheless, another option is the ADO bus, which is $270 pesos). And great news: you can pay with American dollars!

To move around Tulum, you can take a taxi or rent a car. The cheapest and eco-friendly means of transport is to rent a bicycle; plus, it’s fun and you won’t have problems with parking. Some popular bicycle rental spots are iBike, Ola Bike, and Center Bikes Tulum 2. The average price is $500 pesos per day.

Tulum Insiders Guide

Beaches – The Reason You Will Fall in Love with Tulum

According to numerous travel bloggers’ reviews, the best Tulum beaches are situated in the northern area. One of the most popular beaches is the Ruinas beach. It’s free, it offers free parking and a lot of cafés. You may also want to visit Playa Paraiso. The latter is in the middle of the hotel zone. Another option is playa Las Palmas, towards the south.

If you like to go wild, here’s another insider’s guide: Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This is a place with less crowded beaches as it is a hotel-free area and it has free camping! The park has several zones of great beauty and biodiversities of high importance, such as mangroves, cenotes, and tropical forests.

Restaurants – Delight your Palate with Mexican Delicacies

One of the best Mexican cuisine restaurants is Don Cafetos. In Mezzanine, you can taste Thai cuisine on a 12-meter-high cliff. Italian dishes are served at Posada Margherita. The best ice cream and desserts are Panna e Cioccolato. The best fresh juices are at Natural Juice, La Hoja Verde, Flor de Michoacan.

Tulum Insiders Guide

Nightlife – Unforgetful Nights

Tulum is equated to Goa or Ibiza in terms of electronic music festivals. Here are a few:

Several DJs from all over the world come to Tulum to mesmerize us with amazing music. These parties begin at the end of December and last until the end of January.

This is an art and music festival that reunites some of the best artists and musicians. It has become a very popular festival and it is not a surprise since it offers many a spectacle of magic.

Witness some of the most beautiful full moons at Papaya Playa or Gitano. These parties offer great music and people from all over the world tend to visit these festivals. This is totally a must-do in Tulum!

Don’t Miss the Hype

Tulum never stops to amaze, more and more people are experiencing its magic vibes. Don’t miss the hype! See why it has become one of the top destinations world-wide. Moreover, if you’re looking to purchase property in this beautiful jewel, check out or developments.

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