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Tulum…During the last 8 years, this fishing village has turned into “the fastest growing city in Latin America” (USA Today). This place is in a bucket list of every travel blogger, digital nomad, yogi, hipster, etc. Such celebrates as Angelina Jolie, Mick Jagger, Kim Kardashian, and many others have chosen Tulum as their permanent holiday destination. Tourism, art, and culture are the main components of Tulum’s real estate attractiveness. Let’s talk about each of them to make sure that investing in Tulum is a future of real estate.

Tulum: Tourism

The town has three main zones. Tulum downtown (pueblo) has the main public infrastructure and some residential communities like Lúum Zama and Aldea Zama. The beach zone is full of luxury hotels, boho boutiques, night clubs, and gourmet restaurants. However, the most visited part of this magic town is the Archaeological Site. This Mayan settlement was surrounded by a wall that used as a defense from the Spanish conquistadors. The objects that have been kept in a good state are the temples of Frescoes and Descending God, and El Castillo. Strolling along a huge territory of the ruins you can imagine the life of its mysterious inhabitants. And if you are lucky you can see a reconstruction of some of the indigenous ceremonies. Another reason why this touristic spot is so popular is that it has an astonishing Caribbean Sea view.

Tulum_Archaeological Site

Tulum: Art

Tulum has drawn the attention of the world’s art community for its sustainable hotels’ architecture. Alaya, Casa Malca and Azulik are some of them. Azulik is also a home for IK Lab gallery founded by a descendant of Peggy Guggenheim Santiago Romni Guggenheim. This art space is not a gallery in a traditional sense. Instead of static walls, you will see undulating concrete surfaces, which are connected in paths and catwalks in the form of leaves. It reminds of a bird’s nest. Azulik offers to its visitors a walk through concrete and wood labyrinths barefoot. The idea is to show the contrast of cool smooth polished cement and the warm and raw Bejuco wooden floors. All external sounds are muted while the steps reverberate and echo, intensifying the surreal shapes of the labyrinths.

Tulum Art Club, MiNiAtUrE art Gallery, Hernandez gallery, and Pepe Soho Photography are some of the classic art galleries in town.

Art With Me is an event that speaks for itself. It is a 5 days festival creative focus on environmental sustainability in Tulum.


Tulum: Culture

It’s not a secret that Tulum is Mexico’s electronic music capital. Such festivals as Sound Tulum, Day Zero, Comunité Festival annually attract thousands of devotees. But at the same time, it has kept the national traditions. The body and soul purification at Temazcal, a Mayan bath is one of them. But if shamanic ceremonies are not your thing, visit La Zebra. Caribbean rhythms, tequila, magnificent Mexican dishes, this is the best authentic cultural experience.


Tulum’s growing popularity

Needless to say that Tulum’s popularity will continue growing. Its real estate market is in an embryo. Thus the same is with the prices. This means that investing in Tulum you can get instant profit and skyrocketing asset value. Contact Us now to learn more about the most competitive projects.


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