Top Amenities in Playa del Carmen
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When it comes to choosing a condo in Playa del Carmen, comfort and outstanding amenities rank foremost. The number one requirement of all the vacationers is a swimming pool, but our developers have gone further. Check out the developments with the best features and top amenities to keep on your hobbies when away from home.

Sofia Boutique Condos: The sports bar

It goes without saying that Sofia Boutique Condos is a dream development for a real estate investor. It offers 53 turn-key spacious studios with modern European-style furnishings. Besides the dinner table, chairs, minibar, microwave, T.V. cabinet, and king-size bed, you get bed sheets, pillows, dishware, and silverware. This means that you can move-in or start renting out your condo right away.

As to the amenities, Sofia’s gem is its rooftop. On the rooftop terrace, there is a large swimming pool with jacuzzi, hammocks over the water and wet deck chairs. Moreover, there is a TRX area with all the necessary equipment to exercise. The sports bar is a real catch for American football and baseball fans. There you can watch your favorite teams play while enjoying your favorite drink. We can only hope that this facility will not drag you out for days. Don’t forget that you are in Mexico, where there are a lot of things to do besides watching TV!

Sports Bar in Sofia Boutique Condos - Amenities Playa del Carmen

Believe Condos: CrossFit area

Believe Condos is a budget choice property with an urban-style design. The studios are equipped with two bed tables, living room furniture, minibar, microwave, ceiling fan, A/C, and blackout curtains. Nevertheless, Believe has high-end amenities that include a rooftop garden with a swimming pool, sundeck, sky bar, and a CrossFit area. If you’ve never tried CrossFit, it’s the time to do it! CrossFit is a circuit training style made of a certain set of exercises that should be done in the shortest time possible. The exercises are repeated a specific number of times until you finish the routine. CrossFit has several physical qualities, such as strength, endurance, and agility. In this regard, the training is usually divided into three components: weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio. So, if you are already a CrossFit addict or going to become one, having this amenity at your property is priceless!

CrossFit area in Believe Condos Amenities Playa del Carmen

The Yellow: Yoga and fitness area

The Yellow residence offers stylish studios with private balconies. These studios are semi-equipped with a full kitchen, closets, blackout curtains, and a kitchen countertop. As in all residences, there is a rooftop with a pool and bar. The sports facilities will satisfy both the gym and the Zen lovers. There is a workout area, a place for practicing yoga and even a massage room! Thus, Yellow is a perfect place to relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

The Yellow's rooftop Top Amenities in Playa del Carmen

L Condos: BookCrossing area

If you are not a sports person, welcome to LCondos. This is a place designed for digital nomads and bookworms. It offers one-bedroom condos and studios. The units are equipped with A/C, ceiling fans, kitchen, bathroom furniture, and closets. Some of them have a private terrace with Jacuzzi. LCondos was developed for people who have to be online 24/7. Thus, it has a cozy working area with free Wi-Fi access. Furthermore, there is a BookCrossing area, allowing the residents to exchange books.

BookCrossing area in L Condos Top Amenities in Playa del Carmen

La Residencia: ocean-view swimming pool

 Developed by the Reina Roja hotel architects, La Residencia is beyond the competition. It offers 1 and 2-bedroom apartments with a sea theme design. Some of the units include a lock-off system, so you can split your condo into two separate rooms that you can rent out independently and maximize your ROI. As to the amenities, La Residencia combines all the above-mentioned, but with an extra perk: the fantastic rooftop terrace faces the sea. So, the residents can relax at the rooftop garden, which includes a pool, solarium, a bar, and an open-air gym. At La Residencia, nothing can prevent you from enjoying a magnificent view of the Mexican Caribbean.

View from La Residencia's swimming pool in Playa del Carmen

If any of these properties sounds like the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us send you all the details about these properties and tell you about the summer deals! Our agents at Top Mexico Master Broker are always at your service!

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