Temazcal Riviera Maya
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Living in Mexico can be a great experience; especially, in the Riviera Maya, where new activities are always knocking the door. If you’re currently thinking about moving to this area, you may want to know what Temazcal is. On the other hand, if you’re thinking about investing in Tulum real estate to generate income out of vacation rentals, you can recommend this ancient ritual to your guests.

Native Mexicans have always passed from generation to generation the secrets of tranquility, wisdom, and unity with nature. They did it via sacred rituals. One of the most important rituals was purification. As they believed that all diseases, bad experiences, and fears accumulate in the body, they disburdened from them in Temazcal. This tradition is still practiced in Mexico, mostly in Tulum as it is famed for its spiritual and healing centers. Thus, if you are visiting Tulum, this magic body and soul spa is worth trying.

Temazcal History

In ancient Nahuatl language of Central America, the word Temazcal means “the house of hot stones”. It is a low circular dome made of clay with a small entrance, where you get on all fours. The indigenous people used it for bathing, healing the sick, carrying out sacramental rites. Among other things, Temazcal was a place to give birth. The people believed that the heat helps to ease the contractions, so the delivery was quicker. At the same time, total darkness was favorable for the child. This atmosphere reduced the shock of transition from mother’s womb to the wide world. No wonder why Temazcal is also called a rebirth ritual.

Temazcal Ceremony

The ceremony lasts around 1.5 hours and is held by a shaman/healer. There can be 2 or more participants, depending on the Temazcal’s capacity. You can also do it one-one with a shaman, but they say the more people, the better the effect. In the beginning, the shaman purifies participants with the smoke of Copal incense to eliminate the negative influences of the outer world.

Then they enter into Temazcal and seat in a circle. The shaman asks everybody to introduce himself or herself and tell and intention for the ritual. Then the purification begins accompanied by the shaman’s singing. He will tap each person with corn leaves switch, rub with natural aloe juice, and make a special feet massage.

During the ritual, you sweat a lot and drink herbal tea. The herbs fragrance spread all over the dome and produce the healing effect as well. After all the procedures, the participants leave the Temazcal’s womb to reborn. They wrap themselves in sheets and lie down for 10-15 minutes to avoid dizziness and come back to reality. In the end, they refresh in the shower and share their impressions in a circle.

Temazcal Tulum


Temazcal is not recommended upon alcohol intoxication, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy, and in the post-surgery period.

Temazcal in Tulum

We have collected some popular Temazcal spots in Tulum you:

  • Temazcal Riviera Maya
  • Yäan Wellness
  • Holistika
  • Maya Tulum Retreat and Resort
  • Azulik Resort
  • Casa Violeta Tulum

We highly recommend this unique experience of celebrating the body and spirit wellness that you can meet only in Mexico. Many people say that it has changed different spheres of their life for the better.