Tulum Pledge – Protecting and Preserving this Stunning Destination

January 17, 2020

Built in the Mayan jungles around the only temple on the sea, Tulum has become one of the favorite destinations for the chic, environmentally conscious, health-conscious travelers. It is now a favorite destination for yoga gurus, world-class chefs, and anyone looking for a small piece of solitude. Read more

Top 5 Amenities in Tulum Condos

September 6, 2019

You love going on vacation to the Riviera Maya and want to buy a condo in Tulum? To invest in the right place, you should select the development matching your needs. The good news is there are plenty of real estate projects in Tulum to choose from. Read more

How to Improve your Healthy Living in a Natural Environment

August 1, 2019

Nowadays, the ecology of most cities in the world is far from perfect, and this invariably affects our health. No surprise that people from the countryside live longer. If you’re thinking to improve your healthy living in a natural environment, here are a few arguments to do it Read more

Investing in Luxury Apartments in Tulum

June 13, 2019

Nowadays living a luxury life just feels normal. Owning an artist built apartment or staying in boutique hotels has become a leisure pursuit among well-off men. It’s obvious because when it comes to buying a residential property people are driven by a high level of comfort. Read more

Blood Wolf Moon – Witness this Phenomenon from the Riviera Maya

January 19, 2019

When can you appreciate the reddish tone acquired by the full moon during a total eclipse? Popular culture has called this phenomenon ‘the Blood Wolf Moon‘. It happens when the Earth is between the Sun and it’s perfectly aligned with the Moon, blocking the rays of the sunlight. This Sunday, January 20th, this rare astronomical phenomena will be seen from Mexico. The first lunar eclipse of the year will take place next to a supermoon.

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Meditation and all its Wonderful Benefits

January 15, 2019

If you struggle with stress and negative emotions, meditation is the answer. It does not apply to any religion, it’s a technique that helps to eliminate anxiety, depression as well as develop superpowers! Here are some healing effects of meditation retreats.

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