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Any room can be reconstructed in such a way that it will seem more spacious. Usually, designers use several well-known techniques like choosing the right colors, furniture arrangement, using mirrored surfaces. Let’s take a closer look at most popular decoration decisions for a small studio apartment.

Pastel shades

Everyone who ever took drawing lessons knows that warm pastel colors create a cozy atmosphere. They also have the ability to reflect the sunlight, thereby creating more space in the room.

Studio Apartment Playa del Carmen

The ceiling

The ceiling shouldn’t be dark, otherwise, it visually will drop a few centimeters. An excellent choice is gentle light shades of finishing materials or glossy white stretch fabric that can fill the living room with lots of air and light.

The light

Large beautiful chandeliers following the room’s design and suspended high from the ceiling always takes attention. Especially if they consist of a large number of glass or crystal parts that shine when you turn on the lamps. If the decor of your apartment does not provide for chandeliers, you can use the pole lamps. They have the ability to visually pull the walls up.

Studio Apartment Playa del Carmen

Long curtains

We recommend attaching the curtains almost from the ceiling and fall to the floor. They should be of a light, airy texture. The striped pattern of the cloth is also good to make the walls higher.

Minimalist style

In this case, we are talking only about the most necessary things and your favorite furniture that decorates but does not clutter the area. Extra items and details will make a mess in your studio apartment. A couple of shelf stands a cozy sofa, spindle-legged table, and a big picture on the wall will create a lot of space.

Studio Apartment Playa del Carmen

Transformable furniture

This is just a godsend for owners of small studio apartments, as it fits perfectly into any interior, occupies a minimum of space and is characterized by high functionality. You can place storage boxes under the window sills or inside furniture, then there will be no need to purchase additional cabinets and racks. You can also buy a bed or a sofa with spacious cabinets under the mattress.

Photo collage

This type of decoration is usually placed only on one of the walls and can be family photos, vacation pictures, drawings, and posters. They should be close to each other to form a composition that can give the room uniqueness and at the same time, space.

Ready for renovation? Even the smallest studio apartment can become comfortable if you use these tips. Find inspiration in some design magazines and create the interior of your dream!

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