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Imagine going out for breakfast in a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops. How about taking a walk in the park after sunset without a coat and gloves? What would it be like having the choice to enjoy a meal in an open-air dining room or on the beach overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea? This is what being a snowbird in Mexico feels like.

Why would anyone want to become a snowbird in Mexico? There are endless reasons. First, you can escape from the cold weather and enjoy the beautiful sunny days in Mexico. You can spend days visiting the beach instead of shoveling snow. Also, you don’t have to wear bulky sweaters and winter clothes. Instead, you can go out wearing your favorite swimsuit, shorts, and flip flops.

As a snowbird in Mexico, you will enjoy visiting the beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya

However, your lifestyle is not the only reason to be a snowbird in Mexico. There are many more reasons that can improve your health, wellness, and even your wealth!

Here are 6 Reasons to be a snowbird in Mexico:

Taxes and Mexico Real Estate

You can collect social security or a pension in America while living in Mexico. The funds can be transferred to a Mexico bank with paying little to no taxes (seek professional counseling). However, the most significant tax advantage is when owning real estate in Mexico and paying only 200 USD or less a year. Mexico and especially in the Riviera Maya, pre-construction and resale properties are still offered at or below market value in comparison to the rest of North America. This includes real estate in and around beachfront communities.

Excellent Year-Round Weather

Places like the Riviera Maya have exceptional year-round weather. The main reason why snowbirds move around in the winter is that they want to escape the snow and cold weather. Becoming a snowbird in Mexico will not be disappointing in the least. The Riviera Maya and all its surrounding communities offer plenty of relaxing activities. Spend as many days as you want on the beach, soaking up some golden rays. Why not relax under a palm tree while sipping on your favorite beverage. When the time comes to cool off, take a refreshing dip in the Caribbean Sea’s perfect tempered water. Need we say more!

Snowbird in Mexico enjoy great year-round weather

Cost of Living

Unlike other snowbird destinations such as Southern California and Southwest Florida, the Riviera Maya’s cost of living is quite a bit less. For starters, snowbirds can rent a long-term (6 months or more) condo on or very close to the beach for a lot less than in America. When enjoying the fabulous weather, why not dine out and have a few adult beverages. Mexico’s award-winning restaurants and entertainment can cost 30% to 50% less than back home. Let’s not forget having the advantage of the exchange rate from U.S. Dollars to Mexican Pesos. Grocery items like meats, dry goods, fruits, and vegetables are a lot less expensive as well.

Comforts of Home

All of Mexico’s vacation destinations and especially throughout the Riviera Maya, have reasonably modern infrastructure. Things like freshwater, sewer, electricity, cable TV, and the internet are just a few of the modern conveniences readily available anywhere you go. Let’s not forget the variety of grocery stores, clothing, and other retail outlets that are in abundance. Almost everything is translated into English, and most of the locals are bilingual. Getting around is also easy, especially with all the taxis, public, and private transportation. There are plenty of expats to hang out with, and the Mexican people are also very inviting.

Playa del Carmen and Tulum offer to snowbirds in Mexico a fantastic cost of living


Mexico has highly qualified doctors – specialists, dentists, and holistic providers. Medical technology and the care given are very comparable to the United States and Canada. The practitioner’s offices are well-staffed and up-to-date. Several private hospitals have plenty of qualified doctors, nurses, and administration staff. They are also equipped with the latest technology and operate with the utmost efficiency. The same goes for dentistry. What is the difference? The cost is approximately 70% or less than in the U.S.

Active lifestyle

Mexico’s ideal weather can create a very active lifestyle. Getting up every morning and taking a walk or jog around the neighborhood or on the beach is a great way to start your day. Almost every condo complex or gated community has a pool where you can do laps or water aerobics.

If swimming or snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea or cenotes are more your style, there are plenty of places to do so! How about trying kitesurfing or mastering a jet ski? Consider scheduling day tours that offer ziplining, hiking through the jungle, or riding ATVs. This might be the perfect time to take diving lessons. In Mexico, the opportunities are endless.

The Riviera Maya offers a diversity of activities, including diving and snorkeling

The Riviera Maya’s popularity for people becoming snowbirds in Mexico is increasing on an annual basis. The reasons for escaping to Mexico for the winter months are very evident, as stated above. Who knows, you might like it so much that purchasing a condo could be a possibility. If this ever becomes a consideration and you want to be a snowbird in Mexico, take a moment to contact us! Let us help you find your dream home in the Riviera Maya.

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