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A trip is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and it is the best way to live a sensory experience. It also re-prioritizes what’s important in life, and opens new horizons. In order to truly rejuvenate our souls and restart our brains, a trip should be experienced through all our five senses.

When exploring new places we must see, hear, taste, smell and touch something that is peculiar only for it. These sensational experiences help us to enjoy the culture and traditions of the countries we visit and to keep good memories.

Speaking about wonderful places we cannot help but notice Tulum, Mexico. It has recently become one of the top-world destinations. And there’s no wonder why!

Experience Tulum

Experience a Sensory Experience in Tulum

First of all, Tulum is a mystical though magical town with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This small coastal town has plenty of history and this must be the main reason why Tulum attracts such strong and possitive energies.

It’s hard to explain the magic behind Tulum, although we try our best to describe it, you must have to come and experience it for yourself.

Once you find yourself in this mysterious land of Mayan civilization, you will:

  • See

A crazy mix of wonderful shades of colors: the green color of the jungle; the magnificent turquoise sea; the adorable white sand beaches, and much more. The mystical archaeological sites also bring diversity into the overall perception of this land.

  • Hear

The screech of the spider monkeys, a distant noise of the splashing waves and the melodious, almost hypnotic, tribal music. The laughter of people as they enjoy a magical experience that will always remain as a special thought.

Experience Tulum

  • Taste

The fiery flavors of local fish and meat delicacies, fresh and smoothies that cost not more than 2 USD. All the stunning Mexican plates that can actually satisfy the most demanding palate. As well as delicious vegetarian and vegan alternatives with an appealing Mexican touch.

  • Smell

The jungle after a storm, fresh grass, and the fragrance of the Caribbean flowers, coconut oil, the exotic food that you can´t resist

  • Touch

Silky water, hot sand, shaggy palm trees, and the leather goods that you can buy in local craft stores.

Experience Tulum

But, what’s the Sixth Sense?

The sense of humor, of course. A trip should be fun! It should make us smile contagiously, laugh uncontrollably and it should remind us never to take ourselves too seriously. Be sure, Mexicans will keep you a company!

Puerta Azul: Open the Door to your Sixth Sense

Puerta Azul Tulum is a unique and modern development where you can experience all of the above-described feelings. There’s no better place on earth than Tulum to be home to such project.

A project that not only flaunts an awe-inspiring design but also it merges into perfect harmony with nature. A distinguished architectural concept based on a sensory experience that perfectly combines with the beach town and its wonderful atmosphere.

Puerta Azul is located within Lúum Zama, the only master-planned community in Tulum. Lúum Zama is also one of the best selling communities in the area due to the amenities, security, and comfort.

Additionally, it’s located steps away from the beaches, restaurants and archeological zone; therefore, it is the perfect place to be. So, if you’re looking for a fully sensory experience, allow Puerta Azul to be part of your trip!

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