Tips to preserve nature
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It’s not a secret that we live in the consumption world. Our negligence affects nature and it comes back as revenge in the form of various eco-catastrophes. Let’s take the most urgent one that hinders our vacations at the Caribbean Sea. Some of the Riviera Maya beaches experience the overflow of the seaweed that makes our vacations unpleasant. The tourists often say: “I paid not for this”! But we can’t do anything except cleaning the beaches every season as the reason for that invasion is global warming.

The saddest thing is that it is caused by a human. We need changes. These changes can be done by changing our habits. Let’s take a look at the tips to preserve nature and our home called Earth. We believe that each of us can make a small but important contribution to the conservation of natural resources to enjoy the beauty of this world.

Preserve Nature

Saving Energy, You Save Money

1. Whenever possible, choose a lower temperature for washing. Setting 40 degrees, you reduce energy consumption by 1/3 and choosing 30 degrees mode, you save 40% of electricity. In addition, you protect your washing machine form scale crust and increase its life.
2. Choose green WD Caviar Green drives to store large amounts of data whenever possible. Hard drives with WD Green Power technology save up to 30% of power (compared to standard drives).
3. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. You will not only save electricity but also keep fit.
4. Change your car to a hybrid or an electric one. You can also use bicycles or walk.

Do Not Litter

5. Arrange an eco-outing with friends or family to the nearby forest. Moreover, you can join the eco-runners team. It is a recreational running community in which the participant collects the litter that is found along the path traveled.
6. Always throw bubblegum in the trash. Pigeons and other city birds often try to eat gum which causes their death. By the way, the same thing is with balloons. The birds get stuck in the ribbons.

Save energy to help nature

More Recycling Means Less Garbage!

7. Throw the used energy-saving lamps in special containers. These lamps cannot be mixed with regular garbage as they contain mercury.
8. Choosing paper (including office equipment and toilet paper), give preference to the one that is fully or partially made of recycled materials.
9. Use fabric bags instead of plastic ones. Billions of plastic bags end up polluting the environment instead of being properly disposed of.
10. Use rechargeable batteries instead of conventional ones. One AA battery, thrown into the trash, pollutes with heavy metals about 20 square meters of land. Imagine that this area in the forest can be a habitat of two trees, two moles, one hedgehog, and several thousand earthworms.
11. If you like art, you can turn plastic litter. The Preciosplastic team makes the household utilities like bowls, cutting boards, door handles and much more.


Consume Less – Save More

12. Turn off the water when you don’t use it. If you are washing dishes, and the phone or the doorbell rings, don’t forget to turn off the water.
13. If you are auditing your closet don’t throw away the things that you don’t need. Some charities and communities gratefully accept clothing, books, used furniture and appliances.
14. Stop using plastic straws. Stainless steel metal straws are a hit. They are reusable, fancy and absolutely safe. It is believed that steel is much safer and more durable than plastic or other alternatives. Moreover, it is possible just to buy a metal straw that will serve you at least 5 years.

Preserve Nature Living in Tulum

Now you can see that there are many ways to contribute to the protection of nature. In the Rivera Maya, Tulum you can see how these tips are put into practice. The area has is surrounded by the protected biosphere of Sian Kaan. Most of the tourists use bicycles and the majority of hotels are sustainable. There is also have eco residential areas. So you are thinking of investing in condos in Tulum and save the nature, all projects within the Lúum Zama community preserve nature  Ask for more information at the chat below or book your real estate tour here.

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