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Aldea Premium is a project composed of 5 phases of lots that offer investors the opportunity to develop their own living space and business. And there’s no better option than buying a lot located in a privileged area.

It’s a decision that anyone must take calmly and take into consideration some impom/projertant variables. In addition to the ones listed below, the price is also very important.

Here are several aspects to keep in mind when purchasing a lot:

  • There are lots in private neighborhoods and open neighborhoods. Therefore, each option has a pro and a con. However, in both cases, there are highlights, and the most important is location.
  • Next value that must be considered is the price, which is undoubtedly the one that could make the biggest difference. Think about the number of units your complex will have, and what will be the price of each property. Remember, your investment has to bring an excellent revenue.
  • It’s also important to compare if the community in which your lot is located offers green areas and amenities. This characteristic will always win over one lot that does not have much to offer. Your residents will always prefer to enjoy great facilities and comfort.
  • Don’t forget to consider the construction area. If you’re purchasing a lot, you may first want to know how many meters can be used to develop.

Aldea Premium Lots

These are only a few tips we recommend to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a lot to build a condo complex.

Purchasing lots to develop real estate projects is currently one of the best options to invest. Working along with a good team and a great architectural firm can deliver excellent results.

Aldea Premium – Invest in Tulum Lots

Aldea Premium is a privileged community within Aldea Zamá, the heart of Tulum. And why the heart of Tulum? Aldea Zamá is located in a central area of this beautiful coastal town. Therefore, it is close to the archaeological site, the hotel zone, the beach, and beautiful cenotes. Living in such a central location will allow exploring the area by using a bicycle or even walking.

Aldea Premium is designed primarily to develop real estate complexes. The community offers multifamily and single-family lots. Also, a remarkable highlight of Aldea Premium is that it has strict building guidelines in order to preserve nature.

Premium Lots Tulum

Surrounded by the local jungle, Aldea Zamá has large protected green areas that add a natural sensation. This adds value to each lot and provides investors a major opportunity to generate a better income.

Aldea Premium is composed of five phases and the lots are ready to be titled and have access to the best infrastructure in Tulum, such as:

  • Roads
  • Security
  • Water
  • Telephone
  • Internet

Due to its high demand, phases 1,2 and 3 are completely sold out. Nonetheless, the 5th phase has been recently launched and phase 4 still has lots available. The fifth phase will offer a total of 34 lots that go from 8,130 sq.ft. to 16,370 sq.ft.

If you want to learn more about Aldea Premium and investing in Tulum lots, please contact us or download our free brochure.

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