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TripAdvisor awarded 352 beaches around the globe. Millions of travelers evaluate their favorites. Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres is one of them. This year, Playa Norte has won the Travelers’ Choice award in the “Best beaches 2019” nomination and ranked #9 among 25 beaches all over the world.

“Calm turquoise waters, pure white powdery sand. Water so blue, it makes the sky look pale.”- one TripAdvisor’s review.

There couldn’t be a better description. In fact, Playa Norte has a unique and incomparable beauty and one of the most extensive beaches in Mexico. It has up to 100 meters wide between the level of the tide and the beginning of the dune vegetation. Based on historical data, it was the first point touched by the Spanish conquerors in what is now Mexican territory, back in the distant 1517.

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Location – Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

Playa Norte is located in the island’s northern part. Right on the side, the onslaught of the open sea protects it. Also, it has a deposit of the most fine-grain sands all over Quintana Roo, a result of the ocean currents of  Bahía Mujeres.

How to get to Playa Norte?

  • From Puerto Juarez, it is possible to take a ferry that leaves every 20 minutes. It would be the fastest option.
  • If time isn’t a problem or want to cross with your car, from Punta Sam, you can take a ferry. This ferry takes 45 minutes to get to the island, a pleasant trip if you are interested in sightseeing.

Once there, Playa Norte is not very far, only about four blocks from the sea terminal.

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 To consider

  • In a few areas is allowed being topless.
  • For comfort, it’s possible to rent lounge chairs starting from $10usd.
  • For lunch, there are places where it’s possible to try the unique Tikin-xic fish, a traditional dish at Isla Mujeres, as well as other delicious meals.

Wrapping up

Travelers’ Choice awards single out not just popular choices, but indeed exceptional ones that keep travelers coming back.

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