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Ahh, the illustrious penthouse. Nothing screams luxury like a penthouse. Even better is a penthouse in an exclusive resort town on the Mexican Caribbean. What could possibly be a better real estate investment than a coveted penthouse in the Riviera Maya? If you are looking to invest in property in the Riviera Maya, here is why a penthouse is the best option.

Penthouse units are synonymous with lavish living. For starters, nothing offers privacy like having the top floor of a residential building. The freedom to live as you please, without your neighbors or passersby having a view of you or your home. Additionally, penthouse properties offer privacy and protection.

“Penthouse living is about the amazing views you get of your surroundings”

Penthouse views in the Riviera Maya are filled with vibrant hues of green jungles and turquoise Caribbean waters. Peaceful and exquisite. Not to mention easy access to the rooftop for even broader views.

When you have a penthouse unit, you know your property will be as visually stunning indoors as outdoors. You will have the best fixtures and finishing touches crafted from the finest woods and stones.

When you add these qualities to the many amenities of the residence, you have yourself a winning property investment. Whether you choose to live in the property or use it as an investment, a penthouse in the Riviera Maya means luxury at a much lower cost.

View from the rooftop of La Residencia Playa del Carmen

La Residencia – Own a Penthouse in the Riviera Maya

Perhaps you want both – a place for you to vacation or to live, and also an income property. Well, you can have both in one! That’s the beauty of a lock-off system like those at La Residencia in Playa del Carmen. To begin with, the penthouse units are more spacious with a full 100 square meters. Each unit has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms as well as a kitchen, living, and dining area. Each of the bedrooms can be “locked-off” from the rest of the unit so that the one or the other bedroom can be rented out. This gives you the freedom to come and go without having to move out any time you have guests.

Of course, there are numerous amenities on the rooftop to go with the luxuries inside the unit. A sky bar, two swimming pools, jacuzzi, and gym – all with ocean views! The views alone are worth more than the easy price tag on these stellar units.

Santos – Luxury Penthouses in Tulum

If you are looking for a place to retire, Santos in Tulum also offers penthouse units. Located within the exclusive Aldea Zamá secured community, Santos offers a calm and safe atmosphere. Each unit will be surrounded by lush vegetation, just a short walk to the beach.

With generous amenities for a luxury and comfortable living, these units will sell themselves. Along with the large swimming pool, there is also a gym and a grill area. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the jungle while refreshing at the pool and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

If you are going to invest in property in the Riviera Maya, then go big or go home, as they say. You are already going to be getting much more for your dollar, make the best investment by going for the penthouse unit. You will get more space, better views, increased privacy, and luxury you will love to show off.


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