Blood Wolf Moon
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When can you appreciate the reddish tone acquired by the full moon during a total eclipse? Popular culture has called this phenomenon ‘the Blood Wolf Moon‘. It happens when the Earth is between the Sun and it’s perfectly aligned with the Moon, blocking the rays of the sunlight. This Sunday, January 20th, this rare astronomical phenomena will be seen from Mexico. The first lunar eclipse of the year will take place next to a supermoon.

How to Watch the Blood Wolf Moon in the Riviera Maya

It’s totally safe to observe the lunar eclipse directly, unlike the solar eclipse. It’s always preferable that you have binoculars or a telescope at hand, and be in a place with clear skies. According to Riviera Maya’s time zone, the eclipse will last more than three hours and it will start at 10:30 pm.

Don’t Miss it and Make a Wish!

This will be the only total lunar eclipse that will be seen in Mexico in 2019. It is common among spiritually-minded people to make some ceremonies on the day of the red moon eclipse. It normally takes a form of meditation/manifestation to accomplish your dreams or goals with the help of the moon energy.

Blood Wolf Moon

Here is a visual meditation that you can try on Sunday (we’ve checked, it really works!):

– At the time this starts, go to a natural spot such as a garden, a forest or the beach.
– Look at the moon, send your gratitude, close your eyes and visualize five spheres of your life in 5 years. For example, the house you’re living, your job, health, relationships and your input in your community.
– The more precisely you visualize the better results you get in five years.

In order to have a pleasant experience, we highly recommend to perform this meditation in a comfortable and spiritual area.

Templia, Tulum – A Perfect Place to Connect with the Moon

If you are interested in all sort of spiritual events and want to enjoy the full moon ceremonies in the Riviera Maya, Templia condos are ideal for you. It will become your haven in the middle of the jungle. Each detail of this complex is inspired by the ancient Mayan culture although it includes comfortable spaces to witness this kind of natural phenomenon.

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