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Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated on September 15 and 16. These days, we commemorate Mexico’s independence from Spain that occurred in 1821.

Besides celebrating a historical event, most Mexicans also celebrate having a break from their activities. This date represents a holiday for the Mexican culture. As a result, many people leave their homes to have some vacations, and they choose the Riviera Maya to celebrate and relax.

How Mexicans Celebrate the Independence Day in the Riviera Maya

Generally speaking, Mexicans celebrate the “Noche Mexicana,” which translates to “Mexican night,” in a unique way. At this particular party, Mexicans enjoy listening to mariachis and eating delicious traditional plates. In the Riviera Maya, different hotels, parks, nightclubs, and restaurants host great Mexican parties.

However, people come to the Riviera Maya not only to celebrate this special holiday but also to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea, the crystal-clear cenotes and the different beach clubs all around the city.

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Mexico's Independence Day

Official Mexico’s Independence Day

The national holidays are a celebration of great historical importance. For this reason, all local government councils re-enact the “Scream of Dolores,” which symbolizes the beginning of the independence movement. This historical act was done by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla back in 1821 in Dolores, Guanajuato.

This reenactment is held on September 15 at precisely midnight. At this time, the Mexican President shouts this symbolic phrase: “Viva Mexico!” while waving the Mexican flag and you can hear the constant ringing of a bell. Also, there are lights decoration, usually with the Mexican flag colors, and people wear typical clothes from the time of the revolution. There are fireworks, traditional food, and Mexican music all over the place.

On September 16, the day of the official holiday, a military parade happens at 8:00 a.m. Students, police officers, firefighters, and even passers-by can join this spectacle.

Mexico's Independence Day

Enjoy the Celebration and Relax

The Riviera Maya is definitely one of the top destinations for those who go on vacation on this holiday. Besides, this area offers different high-end services to relax and enjoy your vacations. For example, several spas provide a sensory experience. Many hotels and beach clubs feature this service. Also, you can find other exciting activities to help improve your mind and spirit, like jantzu, temazcal or meditation, to mention a few.

Traditions and Mexican Cuisine

Mexico’s Independence Day is an excellent excuse to enjoy some of the most remarkable and delicious Mexican plates. Let’s not forget to mention that Mexican food has been recognized as part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. In fact, there are some plates you can only find on this special date, such as “chiles en nogada” and “pozole.” However, it’s becoming easier to find these plates even in other seasons.

This celebration is the ideal moment to discover some of the best Mexican restaurants in Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

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Tips to Generate More Income During Mexico’s Independence Day

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are a destination that usually increases their occupation by up to 85% during this holiday. This is actually a fantastic number considering that September is a low-season month. Moreover, national and international tourists stay an average of 4 days. This is clearly a good opportunity to generate a fantastic income with your vacation rental property.

Vacation rentals experts recommend taking advantage of these national holidays and celebrations to ensure the reservation of your vacation rental home. Some tips we can share with you are:

  • Generate specific advertising about special holidays on your listing.
  • Offer an extra discount for each additional day.
  • Offer a generous gift (for example, a small basket with Mexican candies)
  • Give your guests a list of activities they can do during their stay.

Mexican candies

If you are interested in discovering the best properties for vacation rentals in the Riviera Maya, please let us know! At Top Mexico Master Broker, we have the best developments that mean an excellent investment for you!

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