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‘International Living’, the most authoritative international magazine writing about life abroad has published 2019 Annual Global Retirement Index. The rating takes into account many factors: infrastructure, living costs, climate, etc. This year Mexico ranked 2nd in the list and received the highest scores in the “Benefits and Discounts” category.

Retirement in Mexico – Why?

Today Americans and Canadians are increasingly choosing to move to other countries after retirement. Indeed, in 2013-2018, the number of American golden-agers living outside the United States has increased by 23%. One of the main reasons for this is the higher standard of living. One can spend USD 1,200 per month indulging in every pleasure. Here are some other reasons for the popularity of Mexico among expats:

  • Close vicinity to the USA
  • Widespread use of English
  • A warm climate and beach resorts
  • Cheap property and low utility costs
  • Affordable and high-quality medicine
  • Delicious cuisine and big choice of veggies and fruits
  • Rich cultural life and leisure options

In addition, expats over 60 years old can enjoy special discounts for air tickets, restaurants, and medical care.

International Living_Retirement in Mexico

Benefits and Discounts with INAPAM Card

As soon as the residency is granted, the retiree can apply for the INAPAM Card. This is a discount card administered by The National Institute of Senior Adults. It is easy and free to get.

With this card, the bus companies provide up to a 50% discount. Interjet and Aeromexico airlines also give 15-20% off. Moreover, you can ask for a discount at some pharmacies, museums, theaters, theme parks, diners (Vips, Toks, etc.) The pensioners of the Rivera Maya pay property taxes and water bills at reduced rates. In general, it’s always worth asking if you get a discount with your INAPAM card in any place in Mexico.

International Living_Retirement in Mexico

Invest in your Retirement Now

Buying property in Mexico is the easiest and the fastest way of getting the residency. The Riviera Maya climate, Caribbean Sea, and great investment opportunities make this place very popular among retirees. No matter if you are 30 or 60, investing in real estate is an excellent plan for ensuring aging with dignity. If you plan to retire in Mexico or just benefit from ROI check out different ways to invest in the Riviera Maya. The Top Mexico Master Broker is always willing to help you in choosing the right property and satisfy your needs.