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Tulum is one of those rustic and peaceful destinations where people want to disconnect in this environment. In gastronomic matters, Tulum has a culinary offer to please all kinds of palates. From the most typical places to the most sophisticated Mexican restaurants, Tulum has much to offer, not only with proposals of international cuisines and also the local dishes. Considering your visit to this oasis in the Riviera Maya.

Here are our five favorite Mexican restaurants in Tulum:

El Tábano!

Located in Tulum’s hotel zone and inaugurated a few years ago, El Tabano has traditional and homemade food. Basically, the cooks are locals who bring their food to the menu; the recipes that have been part of their family for a long time ago.

El Tábano! offers unique dishes full of flavor that include sauces with an incredible style. No wonder why local people love to go to this place. It’s a big restaurant, with detailed and casual decoration around, designed by an expert. The menu changes daily and they have an excellent wine selection. El Tábano! offer meals and dinners.

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La Zebra Restaurant

Also in Tulum’s hotel zone, this restaurant is located inside the hotel under the same name. La Zebra should not be missed. Mexican cuisine inspired by traditional recipes and ingredients from the region with a contemporary touch.

From the beginning to the end, you can tell the chef won’t lose the essence of flavor from the original recipes. For example, dishes such as Toluca soup, guacamole, and La Zebra Ceviche, which is a special mix of avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, and olives. La Zebra is ideal for vegetarians, and it is open from the morning till night.

Restaurante Mateo’s Mexican Grill

Here you will see the best sunsets of Tulum enjoying their delicious cocktails or a good local craft beer. Located in the hotel zone, its menu has a variety of dishes that include a delicious and fresh ceviche. Of course, you can’t miss their traditional guacamole with totopos and pico de gallo.

You can ask for traditional Tex-Mex plates such as burritos, tacos, and even hamburgers. At night they offer live music that puts a great atmosphere. Additionally, its decoration is rustic, with walls where you can see colorful drawings with flowers and skulls. It’s open for lunch and dinner.

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Antojitos “La Chiapaneca”

It’s reviewed as a great local experience and it is located downtown Tulum. La Chiapaneca looks more like a typical Mexican dinner place, popular between locals and tourists for its fast service. Not only service but an amazing variety of food from this part of Mexico. La Chiapaneca opens only at night.

El Camello Jr.

Also located in downtown Tulum, this place is one of the most typical restaurants in town, you’ll find seafood. The place is very simple and you can even share the table because the place is very crowded. Its cuisine is simple but with an exceptional flavor. You can try mixed ceviche with mini snails that are only available in Cozumel and certain areas of the Riviera Maya. Portions are plentiful, so it’s best to share. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Very cheap!

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