Meditation Tulum
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If you struggle with stress and negative emotions, meditation is the answer. It does not apply to any religion, it’s a technique that helps to eliminate anxiety, depression as well as develop superpowers! Here are some healing effects of meditation retreats.

Meditation – Improving the brain functions

Some decades ago the scientists thought that after 30 years old our brain functions start to deсline. But recently it was found that even short-term, but regular meditation changes the brain structure by increasing the gray matter. It also eliminates distraction and improves memory.

Emotional state stabilization

Nowadays, the majority of people resort to help of psychoanalytic to fight anxiety and stress. However, this technique allows us to cope with these problems solo, at any place, and free of charge. People practicing mindful meditation state that it helps to release shame, resentments, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Meditation Tulum

Reduction of cardiovascular diseases

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin conducted a study that involved two groups of patients with cardiovascular disease. The first group was offered to attend classes on a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, the second group was practicing meditation 2 times per day. In 9 years, scientists found that in the second group, the death-rate had decreased twice compared to another.

Meditation also reduces high blood pressure, improves sleep quality, strengthens the immune system. Some breathing practices like Pranayama oxygenate the blood accelerating the metabolism and eliminating toxins. Moreover, it activates the epiphysis and inhibits the process of senescence.   

Pain relief  

During meditation, the brain stimulates the production of endorphins which are natural pain blockers. For example, the Body Scan Technique, which has five steps and takes about 20 min. A lot of chronic pain sufferers notice the decrease of a migraine, drugging pain in back, neck, and shoulders.

Meditation Tulum

Spiritual roof garden at your home away from home

In recent years, the Riviera Maya has become a mecca for spiritually minded people. Numerous Tulum retreat centers offer plenty of meditation, detox, and healing programs. And what about having your own spiritual garden at the jungle-based community of Lúum Zama in Tulum premises?

Inspired by Mayan architecture, Templia meets all the requirements for a peaceful vocation. Its tower-shaped houses are equipped with a private plunge pool, terrace, outdoor shower, and a private garden. Templia also has some units with a spiritual roof garden, where you can practice meditation with the like-minded neighbors.

When investing in Templia condos you will also be investing in your health and wellness. Contact our specialist right now to know how to become an owner of your private Tulum retreat center.

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