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Investing in a house on the beach is a great financial asset that can generate fabulous profits. However, this property can also generate significant maintenance costs that you should consider. Being exposed to different elements such as sun, humidity, and salinity produce that pipes, windows, or paint get quickly damaged. Therefore, a property on the coast also means more frequent maintenance and a higher cost. But don’t worry! Here, we will give you some maintenance tips that will help you to prevent damage and reduce costs.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

 Preventive maintenance, as the name implies, is carried out before damage occurs and allows more extended life and optimal operation of structures, materials, appliances, and finishes. Besides, preventive maintenance can be done at a structural level. For example, by choosing materials suitable for the humid weather, either if they are for indoor or outdoor use. Also, checking for special treatment for finishes.

Corrective maintenance is done when the damage has already occurred. Therefore, you must replace or renovate the affected piece. Sometimes, these renovations mean a more significant expense.

The maintenance for your beach home is very important, especially for the surplus-value. Therefore, we recommend doing preventive maintenance at least once a year. However, some appliances or finishes may require it more frequently. This will save you money, and you won’t have to do a significant expense at the time that any damage occurs. 

House on the beach

The annual maintenance cost for a property on the beach can cost between $500 USD to $2,000 USD. 

Here are some maintenance tips you may also want to consider:

General Maintenance Tips 

  •     Paint

We recommend the use of anti-salt paint and against humidity for exteriors. As it is not a conventional paint, it is more expensive; however, it lasts longer. Although it’s a significant investment, you won’t regret it.

Maintenance tips use anti salt paint

  •     Cleaning

Clean your water tanks and cisterns. Water tanks usually accumulate water with bacteria that put your health at risk. We suggest cleaning them every six months, and most importantly, before summer and when the high heat season begins.

Clean air conditioning. These appliances generally accumulate fungus, dust, and bacteria that enter your room, causing allergies and diseases. We recommend cleaning and disinfecting your air conditioning every six months. Moreover, you will save money on electricity, and you will increase your air conditioning life through frequent maintenance.

Clean pipes, filters, and showers with muriatic acid or with water pressure. This way, you will prevent the accumulation of salt that causes a bad water flow.

Clean air conditioning

  •     Interior and exterior structures and finishes

Water infiltrations in walls or ceilings are common. We recommend making an annual check out to change ducts or repair walls.

Wood finishes on doors, windows, railings or floors usually require a moisture coating. Nonetheless, we recommend varnishing them or adding additives. 

Windows and door accessories generally made of aluminum and other metals are usually exposed to sun, rain, and temperature changes, which causes a rapid corrosion effect. It is important to apply antioxidant products or even oil to protect them, at least every six months.

Maintenance Tips for Vacation Homes

 Whether you rent your home or you only visit it in certain seasons, we recommend leaving your beds with no sheets, only with a mattress protector. Also, leave your curtains closed. It is ideal if someone can come to your home every 15 days to open the windows and turn on the air conditioning.

Although you can take care of your home’s maintenance, we recommend hiring a professional. This person will guarantee their job. Also, you can hire a property management company that will take care of your property and essential maintenance.

Maintenance tips

If you’re thinking about purchasing property in the Riviera Maya, now you know some basic maintenance tips to keep everything in order. If you would like to find your dream home in Mexico, we can show you different real estate developments that might interest you.

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