Losantos Upscale Active Community
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What do you imagine when you hear “upscale active community”? Maybe a jungle retreat, surrounded by beautiful trees, birds, flowers, and breathtaking landscapes. Maybe a community where you can stay active, enjoy unique amenities, and reconnect with yourself comes to mind.  

Now imagine that this place exists and that in addition to all these great features, this active community is close to the fantastic beaches of the Caribbean.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that this close-gated community is located in Tulum. It’s hard to describe this fascinating town with words. It would be necessary to fully experience this charming town to understand why Tulum has become a significant world-renowned tourist destination.

Tulum offers all kinds of attractions for all ages. The stunning cenotes hide thousands of treasures. The breathtaking coast with magnificent views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea and the white sandy beaches. Also, the variety of cuisines, from Mexican to Italian and French. Tulum has an impressive cultural diversity since tourists from all over the world visit this place year after year. Art, fashion… in short, there are plenty of reasons to fall in love with Tulum.

Shot of Tulum's coast

Losantos – Close-Gated Community in Tulum

Thinking about the perfect set-up for an upscale active community, Tulum was the answer. This is how Losantos was conceived. A high-end residential neighborhood that will offer a lifestyle filled with luxury, comfort, and security.

 Losantos will be an upscale active community composed of various real estate developments. Also, it will feature a variety of services and amenities for its residents. This community will have vast green areas, to provide a natural environment and respect the local vegetation. fresh and clean air.

Losantos gated community main entrance

Additionally, Losantos will be a close-gated community to offer you tranquility. The main entrance will have controlled access and 24-hour security. Also, there will be a perimeter fence to provide security and a safe stay. 

As a resident, you will have access to a fantastic lifestyle, where you will thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of living in Tulum.

Losantos Amenities – Improve your Health

However, this community has much more to offer. Losantos will feature remarkable amenities and services. For the developers, having a healthy lifestyle as well as an excellent quality of life is a priority. Therefore, all the amenities have been designed with this in mind. Losantos will have a paddle court and a gym to stay active and work out even if you are on vacation. Also, there will be a large swimming pool to cool down in the hot days of summer.Losantos active community - clubhouse

 Inside the community, there will be a clubhouse offering restaurant and bar services. Here you will be able to enjoy delicious food while enjoying the mesmerizing views of the jungle and the vibrant atmosphere. To make things even easier for you, Losantos will also feature a commercial zone within the community. 

Lastly, Losantos is an inclusive community. Therefore, your furry friends are welcome here. As one of the amenities included, Losantos will have a pet park so your best friend can enjoy an evening running around the residential and have fun with other furry friends.

Santomar Condos in Tulum – A Development within Losantos Active Community

Santomar will be the first development within the upscale community of Losantos. This charming development is the newest proposal from the Mexican architectural firm Artigas Arquitectos. Santomar will be home to a total of 12 condos with rustic Mexican style mixed with modern trends. These condos will have 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining room. Also, some units will feature a private rooftop with a swimming pool.

Santomar Condos Tulum


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