Lock-Off System: How to Maximize your Investment
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What is the Lock-Off Feature?

In the real estate world, a lock-off system is an option that allows the owner to divide the unit into separate sections. This modality maximizes the investment since it offers the possibility to rent out each room separately; being this its primary benefit.

Particularly, lock-off units have two to four bedrooms that the owner can split. However, some lock-off systems work differently. Depending on the project, the developer can offer the option to acquire two or more units and combine them. As a result, the owner doubles or triples the size of the original unit.

The Lock-Off Options

As we mentioned before, the owner can either maximize their investment through vacation rentals or live in their property. How is this possible? It’s easy! This versatile feature provides many possibilities. For example, the owner can rent out one room and comfortably live in the rest of the house; or the owner can rent each section independently and multiply their income.

Therefore, lock-off units are highly desirable because of its flexibility. Nowadays, investors look for this remarkable highlight in real estate projects. And when it comes to an effective investment, Aguasanta Tulum has it all! This project not only offers this amazing feature but also has a distinctive triple lock-off system.

Lock-Off Condos

What is Aguasanta Tulum?

It’s a unique boutique residential development located in the privileged community of Aldea Zama in Tulum, Mexico. Aguasanta Tulum is home to 9 exclusive residences.

Aguasanta Tulum offers 2 types of units:

  • 6 residences with 2 bedrooms and a double lock-off.
  • 3 penthouses with 3 bedrooms and a triple lock-off.

Aguasanta Tulum was inspired by the infinite opportunities that life has to offer. This unique and organic project is not only in sync with nature but also:

  • It also delivers true quality, exceptional design and a strong return on investment.
  • Born to honor the most important and sacred element, water. A clear representation of life, energy, flow, flexibility, and balance.
  • Aguasanta’s flexible design gives its owners the opportunity to experience a very private and personal stay.

Be able to maximize and explode your investment. Contact us for further information about this sophisticated project.

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