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Nowadays, the ecology of most cities in the world is far from perfect, and this invariably affects our health. No surprise that people from the countryside live longer. If you’re thinking to improve your healthy living in a natural environment, here are a few arguments to do it

Living in a natural environment prolongs life

Harvard University scientists have conducted a long-term study, during which they analyzed the health of 108 thousands of people. The research has shown that people living next to a garden or park live 12% longer than the city inhabitants. Urban residents were found to have a higher mortality risk of cancer and respiratory diseases. And the countryside inhabitants’ mortality rates of such conditions were lower by 13% and 34%, respectively. The scientists admit that they didn’t expect such a result, but the main reason for this was the air contamination.

At the same time, it was proved that living away from the city helps to overcome stress and mental disorders. Among the reasons improving mental health, scientists named less noise and a relatively small number of people nearby. Previously, the researchers have focused on the fact that people living in villages are the happiest. Then come the inhabitants of small towns, and the most unhappy are those who live in metropolitan areas.

Natural environment

Experts have tried to explain this in different ways at different times. They say that in the times of the primitive communal system, people used to live in closed groups. This helped people to set friendly ties and feel secure. Therefore, living in cities with a population of many millions has become challenging and frustrating. The physical and mental state are closely interrelated. Thus, out-of-town life comfort can be among the main reasons for physical health (along with a more favorable environmental situation).

Be in harmony with nature, and you’ll be in harmony with yourself

  • Here are some tips of living in harmony with nature and yourself for better well-being.
  • First of all, use as many natural products as possible. Eat more fresh vegetables, reduce the use of plastic, open curtains at the daytime, let the light into your house.
  • Secondly, don’t take home wild animals as pets. The will suffer physically and mentally. If you’ve found a sick animal or bird, take care of it, and then release it into its natural habitat.
  • Thirdly, try not to use a car if you are going on a short distance. Walk or ride a bike.
  • Fourthly, grow home plants! Even if you live in an apartment, make a green area at the balcony, or put flowers in pots on windowsills.
  • Fifthly, try to wake up at dawn and go walking or jogging to a nearby park. At these moments, you can feel the real unity with nature and make plans for the day.


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