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Looking for the Instagram-blasting photo session? Want to take your partner on a romantic adventure? Or simply bored of the all-inclusive hotels routine? Las Coloradas is the place for you. A pink water lagoon will take you to a fictional world of stunning landscapes.


The “pink paradise” is located near the fishing village of Las Coloradas on the northern coast of the Yucatan peninsula. It is a part of the Rio Lagartos biosphere reserve famous far beyond Mexico. Its snow-white salt banks rising above the water like icebergs complete the magical view. Rio Largatos is also inhabited by various exotic animals: flamingos, crocodiles, birds and other species.

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How to get to Las Coloradas

It takes 3 hours to get to the lakes from Cancun or Playa del Carmen and 2 hours from Valladolid by car. But by bus, it can take 7 hours due to numerous stops and changes. Taking a tour with a pick-up from your hotel is also an option. The tour normally includes visiting both, Las Coloradas and Rio Lagartos.

Plan your visit ahead

We recommend you to plan a trip to the Las Coloradas for July-May. The reserve is closed from April to June as it’s the flamingos’ breeding season. Each year, each female lays only one pink egg so the reserve authorities try to maintain their natural habitat.

Why water is pink?

Since the Mayan times, this land has been used for salt extraction. The sea water is pumped into manmade lagoons. Since the lagoons are so shallow the plankton, red algae and brine shrimp thrive in the salty environment. With the water’s evaporation, these species become more concentrated turning the surface into acid pink color. Keep in mind the swimming in the lakes is no longer allowed, but they are located close to the beach. So, after the photo session, you can swim with the turtles in the sea. They bury their eggs on the beach at night, so watch your steps!

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Tours to Las Coloradas

Some people recommend taking a tour instead of going on your own. As it’s a salt factory, most of the areas are closed for private visitors. You have to be local to easily find the way around. The guide will show you the best spots for the pictures and tell amazing facts about the reserve’s flora and fauna. As a bonus, while taking a boat tour, you will stop at a water-side rich with white clay. It is full of rejuvenating minerals and microelements. You can cover yourself with clay and continue your journey.

Change from pink to yellow

Las Coloradas pink lakes are totally worth visiting. Though you can’t do a lot of things in the lakes, it’s a great reserve full of natural wonders. And if you feel like seeing some other colorful place, you can stop by the magic town Izamal known as the yellow town. Keep on exploring and don’t forget that the bright colors make you happier!

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