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L Condos is a new project in Playa del Carmen that features a modern and outstandng BookCrossing area. Now, let us explain you why we highly support this innovative initiative.

Even though we live in a world of gadgets, we still haven’t lost our ability to read. The statistic shows that on average we spend 2 hours per day reading news feed and stories.

But what about books? Numerous researches have proved that reading books is an important condition for a proper reсreation. It reduces stress, beats insomnia, prevents Alzheimer’s disease, improves digestion and even makes you reach! So, don’t forget to grab a book when going on vacation to Playa del Carmen!


What’s BookCrossing?

BookCrossing is a hobby and a social movement aiming at a free books exchange. It’s literally a global library without due dates. Having read a book you leave it in a public place (park, cafe, train). Then, another random person finds and reads it. This person, in turn, has to do likewise.

BookCrossing History

A bookworm and IT engineer Ron Hornbecker, came up with this idea in 2001 and launched the like-named website. To begin with, he left 20 books with explanatory notes in the lobby of his hotel. Six months later, there were about 300 active users on his website who left the books and brought new participants. Today there are 1,934,353 BookCrossers and 12,726,256 books that are crossing between 132 countries. The majority of the BookCrossers are from the USA, Germany and the UK.

Catch and release!

The website is totally free and it allows to track books by title, city, and member. Every book has a BookCrossing Identity Number (BCID). The Bookcrossing slang was borrowed from the fishermen. So you say the person placing a book in a special spot is “releasing it into the wild”. Then, the one who finds it “catching” a book.


LCondos – Your private library in Playa del Carmen

At L Condos, we believe in the passion of reading. Thus, we got inspired by the BookCrossing movement and we’ve developed a unique condo complex in Playa del Carmen in direct vicinity from the Fifth Avenue.

This development is equipped with everything you need for downtime away from stress. Imagine waking up, having a cup of coffee and breakfast in a fully-equipped kitchen, going to the gym. After having a fresh juice in the rooftop bar you may stay at the terrace and enjoy the magnificent view of the Caribbean.

Later, catch a book at the CrossBooking shelf and release yourself to the beach to enjoy the sunbathes and a novel or a business book. Can’t get any better!?

Contact us to know how many condos have left and to schedule a viewing appointment.



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