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Every year on the last Saturday of March, millions of people around the world turn off the light for one hour. They want to emphasize how much energy a person spends every day and how huge is his intervention in nature. The participants try to draw attention to the problems of ecology by turning off TVs, computers, neon illumination of buildings. If you are empathic to this idea, we invite you to learn more about its history and goals.

The History

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) organizes the Earth Hour, a global annual international event. The first action took place in 2007 at the scale of one city – Sydney. The following year it was supported by more than 100 million people in 35 countries, becoming an international environmental initiative. Since then, the action is gaining momentum and involves more and more people, cities and countries.

Last year 2 billion people from 188 countries turned off the illumination of 18,000 architectural monuments. Among these objects were Empire State building (New York), Coliseum (Rome), Wat Arun (Bangkok), City Hall (London), Eiffel Tower (Paris), etc. Mexico joined the movement in 2009. Today more than 100 companies, 60 cities, and 15 educational centers participate in the event annually. They de-energize the Chapultepec Castle, Bellas Artes Palace, the Diana Cazadora Monument, the Benito Juarez Monument, and others.

Earth Hour_Top Mexico Master Broker

The Goals

The event evolves de-energizing of the electrical appliances and buildings’ illumination both by the citizens and huge enterprises. The purpose of this action is to alert the global community on climate change problems. Firstly, it is to pay respect to nature. Secondly, – a call for action for the joint solving of environmental issues like preserving the conservation areas and limited resources.

The Current Environmental Issues and their Solution

According to scientists, by 2003, the impact of human activities on the planet’s ecosystems has dramatically increased. Thus, if current trends continue, by 2050 we’ll need a second planet to satisfy our needs in energy, water, food… Therefore, the countries need to solve this issue hand in hand and at different levels. Via this event, the people can demonstrate their concern about environmental depletion and vote for a healthy planet.

The logo: Why 60+

It’s worth noting that until 2011 the logo of the action looked like “60”. That were 60 minutes that people devoted to planet Earth, taking measures to combat climate changes. However, this movement goes far beyond one hour per year. Thus, now the logo looks like” 60+”. This means that we may not be restricted only by this symbolic day. We can start contributing right now by saving water, using public transport, and recycling to preserve nature.

Earth Hour_Top Mexico Master Broker

Join the Earth Hour Movement: Save Future Generations

Although a one-hour blackout can not significantly improve the global environment, this action will help to understand the issue’s importance. Today, Earth Hour is the most massive public action in the history of mankind. Join us this Saturday by turning off all your devices and think about the happy future of the generations yet unborn.

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