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He’s used to waking up not with an alarm, but with the dawn. He doesn’t have a permanent place to live. Today he can wake up in Hawaii and tomorrow can take a flight to South Africa. His office is open 24/7. No limits, no borders. His name is a digital nomad.

Who are Digital Nomads?

Digital nomad – a person who can’t survive without three things: laptop, power socket, and Wi-Fi. These are new wave nomads, earning money online while traveling. It can be an IT or marketing specialist, designer, blogger, or a stockbroker. You can notice them in the coffeeshops, hostels, public libraries, co-working.

Digital Nomads Tulum

Most Popular Cities Among Digital Nomads

  • Berlin, Germany
    In 2014, the first international meeting of digital nomads took place in this city. Berlin has a lot of co-working spaces, low prices for housing and food. It is not necessarily to speak German, as everybody speaks English.
  • Lisbon, Portugal
    It is a mix of traditions, cozy cafes with high-speed all over the city, tremendous sunsets at the ocean. In September 2017 it hosted the first conference for digital nomads called DNX Global.
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
    The prices for housing and food are available to every novice nomad, and the Wi-Fi has a cosmic speed. Sofia is a safe and friendly city close to the Black Sea.
  • Thailand
    Thailand is perfect for beginners. It is easy to navigate and make friends. On Koh Samui island you live and work for years, leaving the country only to update the visa. The more comfortable climate is in Chiang Mai, the cultural capital of Thailand. Prices are lower than on the islands, and the internet is fast.
  • Tulum, Mexico
    In the last 2 years, it has become a hit! The amazing Caribbean Sea, stunning nature, seafood, and fresh juices, best music festivals. This place attracts a lot of digital nomads and travel bloggers all over the world.

Digital Nomads Tulum

What are Co-Living and Co-Working

The first thing they are looking for is not a beautiful view from the window or fast Wi-Fi. Digital nomads avoid tourist spots and fancy hotels. They prefer to rent apartments or condominiums. Some digital nomads are not limited to co-working, they live together in big houses. They are called co-living accommodations in a community of like-minded people. It also has become popular to invest in the condos in co-livings.

Catch the Nomad Wave!

The life of digital nomads is not just about working online and traveling. These are amazing people who are unlikely to meet in everyday life. So if you were thinking to leave your job and try this way of life, it really worth it! At least for the sake of expanding the circle of friends and business partners.

If you are already a digital nomad or plan to join their tribe, we introduce you to UNITE. A brand-new project by Betulum for the digital nomads and the visionary investors. You can download the free brochure for more details.

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