Decoration trends in the Riviera Maya
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When choosing a town to buy a condo in the Riviera Maya, ask yourself the following questions. Do you prefer to combine a more urban, upscale environment with the beach? Or you want to get closer to nature and experience more of an eco-adventure? 

In the first case, it will be Playa del Carmen and in second, Tulum. Both places have their unforgettable charm and condos decoration trends.

Playa del Carmen vs. Tulum

Playa del Carmen is a small town located 68km South of Cancun airport. In several decades, this small fishing village on the Caribbean coast has rapidly become a popular touristic spot. Today, Playa is like a cozy European town with a tropical climate. It has world-class chains of hotels and restaurants and modern infrastructure. Playa del Carmen combines a more urban, upscale environment with the beach. 

On the contrary, Tulum, located only one-hour ride from Playa del Carmen, is less crowded and more laid-back. There you’ll see a lot more local restaurants and boutique hotels. The beach in Tulum is long, wide, and has the most mesmerizing colors. Thus, Playa is considered the best option for family vacations, while Tulum is the ideal place for digital nomads and like-minded people.

Decoration Trends in Playa del Carmen

As soon as Playa del Carmen is more like a European city, its dominant style of condos is urban minimalism. The specific traits of this style are as follows:

  • Minimalism is often described as elegant and simple. Most often, sober colors are used. 
  • Use of indirect lighting. For example, The Yellow studios feature indirect light, which provides a tranquil atmosphere and expands the space.
  • Modern furniture and the combination of bright and light colors.
  • Use of urban-style materials for finishing (brick, plaster, concrete). For example, in Believe Condos brick walls are combined with the concrete ceiling, providing a New York style.
  • Materials with rough texture such as felt, straw, wool are welcomed — also, the use of local wood. For example, in La Residencia, is the development that honors local and endemic woods such as Parota, Machiche, and Tzalam. The architects have integrated them into the ceilings, floors, doors, and furniture. These types of wood are resistant to fungi and insects and are perfect for the Caribbean climate.

La Residencia studios for sale in Playa del Carmen

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Decoration Trends in Tulum

As Tulum is Mexico’s boho-chic paradise, the bohemian style prevails in all the different condos. Let’s consider Tulum condos decoration trends: 

  • Most condos in Tulum feature “bahareque” fences, which is a local wood that looks like bamboo, although it’s cheaper. This material is trendy as it provides a rustic yet modern style. 
  • Chukum is another popular material in Tulum. Chukum is the name of an endemic tree from the Yucatan Peninsula. It has a natural and authentic look. Many architects use this material in walls, although it can also be used in pools, façades, floors, to name a few.
  • The abundance of natural plants in decoration. You can turn a small space into a beautiful garden using plants and wooden furniture. Tulum has several stores where you can find hand-made furniture.
  • Green walls are another popular decoration trend in Tulum. Besides helping to clean the air, green walls are a fabulous way to decorate your home, adding a beautiful natural look. 
  • Carpets and bedcovers made of natural materials and light colors.
  • Bright pictures on the walls and cushions with geometrical patterns.

Sundara - Luxury condos for sale in Tulum

We hope that this overview has helped you to choose the style of your future condo. No matter which one you choose, we guarantee top-quality materials and excellent ROI on the purchased property in Riviera Maya. Explore our different exclusive developments in Playa del Carmen and Tulum and find the perfect fit for your needs.



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