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Tulum… A laid-back beach town where luxury and go green lifestyles are deeply interconnected, forming its unique atmosphere. Here people are concerned about sustainability in aspects of living, including food, clothes, and housing. Thus, “Eco-friendly” has become Tulum’s brand identity. If you are on our website, it means that you are considering joining Tulum’s community. That’s the way to go! Here you will also find a lot of useful information about Tulum condos for sale. Getting back on the sustainability topic, in this article, we will give eco-friendly decoration tips for your new residence in Tulum.

Tulum condos tendency for light colors

The primary colors of the eco-style are white, milk, sand, grayscale, dusty blue, and light blue. Light natural shades calm you down and form a harmonious atmosphere. Upon combination of the shades try to focus on natural landscapes. You can choose the theme of the tropical jungle, the sea coast, a desert, etc. Moreover, you can experiment with actual objects like sand, seashells, water, and palm trees.

Natural materials

Obviously, at the core of the eco-friendly design is the protection of the environment. This means taking into account the origin of the materials, rational use of resources, and the possibility of utilization. Thus, the materials should be safe for health and hypoallergenic. Products from secondary raw materials and energy-saving technologies are welcomed as well. The majority of Tulum condos have solar panels, wind generators, containers for separate waste collection. To save energy, the residents also use motion sensors for lamps or smart home systems.


Sustainable design involves minimalism, rejection of the frills, and cluttering up space. Eco-style designers urge to free our houses from unnecessary things, to stop heavy consumption, to reconnect with nature. The atmosphere of the interior of this kind motivates to meditation, contemplation, relaxation. Therefore, you can add the elements typical for the Zen style: flooring made of bamboo, mandalas, incents, and candles.


The basic rule for the furnishing is functionality. Eco-style furniture is ergonomic and straightforward. It shouldn’t have relief decorations, intricate drawings, carvings. Natural light-colored wood is widely used. Countertops, tables can be made of cuts, solid trunks, marble, stone, with or without treatment. Another option is flowing silhouettes like stones-boulders and logs turned by water.

Plants and natural motifs in decoration

The more indoor plants you use in the interior, the more environmentally friendly it looks. The plants in the house give a feeling of closeness to nature, clean the air, form a healthy micro climate. They are also used for zoning the space.
You can go further and turn your apartment into a tropical forest. For the walls’ decoration, you can use floral and animalistic prints and herbariums. The designers also recommend experimenting with tree branches, honeycombs, animal silhouettes, nests, leaves, snags.

Welcome to your new luxury condo in Tulum

As you can see, it is not so challenging to implement these rules in the interior design. Top Mexico Master Broker offers a variety of condos for sale in Tulum where you can implement these tips. Check out our current offers, and you will see for yourself. Contact us to schedule your visit to the apartments’ showrooms and see the benefits of having a property in an eco-friendly living environment.