Essentia by Artia Condos
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Nature Before Architecture

Artia Condos is a project by Xavier Abreu Sacramento, director of AS Arquitectura, in collaboration with Co-Lab Design Office. This beautiful development was a successful case not only because of its dreamy location in the prestigious community of Aldea Zamá but for its awe-inspiring design.

The magic behind Artia consists in respecting nature as well as using local materials and techniques. For example, the architects follow an amazing procedure, using “bahareque” and “chukum”. This technique involves interlacing the bahareque wood sticks to build a wall that will later be covered with a resin called “chukum”. As a result, it thermally insulates the building so that temperatures do not exceed 31ºC (87.8ºF).

It was also important for the architects to make a building where nature could be part of it. Considering this, they used the vegetation in a natural way to protect the privacy of the complex. Additionally, it contributes to the care of the environment, as it respected 70% of the vegetation.

Essentia by Artia Condos

Obras Magazine – Best Architectural Projects in Mexico

Obras is a Mexican magazine that specializes in the construction industry along with its various branches such as infrastructure, public works, real estate, housing, urban planning, architecture, and interior design. Additionally, this popular magazine has an annual contest that rewards the best buildings and construction of the year.

This contest is recognition from professionals to professionals in the industry in order to stimulate and spread the growth, advances, and contribution of this sector. Everyone can participate as long as they meet the requirements of the different categories and subcategories that the contest specifies.

Artia Condos – Winner of Project of the Year 2017

Artia Condos won “Project of the Year” in 2017 in the Residential Housing category. This development of 21 condos is an example of how architecture and nature perfectly merge to create a work of art.

Furthermore, it is a big step in modern architecture. Projects such as Artia Condos demonstrate that we can build real estate projects using natural resources. And most importantly, to become more conscious of the constant harm we cause to the environment.

Essentia by Artia Condos

Essentia – Artia’s New Family Member within Lúum Zama

Essentia is a new project that replicates Artia’s beautiful design, this time in the prestigious community of Lúum Zama. This project consists of 9 condos with two different models. The Jungle Ground Floor is an ideal place for the nature lovers. On the other side, the mesmerizing Sky Penthouse is ideal for those who enjoy beautiful views of the jungle. Both models feature a private plunge pool and a terrace. C

Discover more about Essentia here.

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