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If you are considering to purchase property or invest in the Riviera Maya, Akumal is a small town you must have to visit. Akumal in Mayan means “land of turtles.” You may find this spectacular 5-kilometers long bay between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. A corner on the Mexican Caribbean awaits you to get involved in its biodiversity. Moreover, Akumal is a small sample of the natural beauty, fauna and peaceful waters that the Riviera Maya can offer you. Let alone; its crystalline waters make it easy to watch turtles, schools of fish, rays and other aquatic creatures that inhabit there.

Not only the beauty of the bay but also the fact that it has been the habitat of turtles for thousands of years makes Akumal unique. From April to May, the turtles spawn, and in July and August, you may see the traces of the offspring all over the beach. These small traces directs them in a furtive race towards the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean.


Swimming and snorkeling in Akumal

Swimming near the turtles in Akumal beach is surprisingly simple. Once you are in Akumal, head straight towards the shore. There you’ll find a place to rent snorkeling equipment and lifejackets for a reasonable price and time.

At the beach, there are delimitated areas where you can swim and also where you need a tour guide. Keep in mind that there will be several salesmen trying to sell you guided ‘swim with turtle tours.’

They will try to make you believe you need a guide to see the turtles, but that is not the case. Be patient and snorkel in the area where you are allowed to swim. A turtle eating seaweed might surprise you.

When doing so, please take into account a couple of things. In order to preserve these incredible creatures it is necessary to follow these essential rules:

  • Never touch the turtles

It’s necessary to give them their space when they are near people.

  • Help keep the beaches clean

Human waste pollutes the ocean, and garbage not only injures turtles but other species as well.

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It’s possible to adopt a turtle:

Akumal Ecological Center it’s approximately 1.6 kilometers north of Akumal. It is a place dedicated to protect and research. Two of the essential purposes of this center is education and dissemination of information about the coast. Besides marine ecosystems and biodiversity, in this center, you may also find detailed information about the local coral communities and other environmental issues of the place. It is possible as well, to adopt a single turtle, a nest or a whole family. Donators receive a symbolic certificate. Consequently, this helps to continue the monitoring and protection of this majestic creature.